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President's Message from Monica Leggett

Published on 7/3/2019

Hello Coaches & Friends,

July signals the beginning of the new year for ICF Connecticut. We’ve completed the 2018-2019 year with 15 programs offered, new friendships forged, a high membership retention rate, and the honor of being recognized by ICF Global in March. I’d like to thank the outgoing board members: Diana Ackerley, Dina Markind, Larry Ackerman, and especially Margaret Ruff.

Continuing on the board are Judy Garfinkel – President Elect, Karen McLaughlin – Treasurer, Steve Porcaro – Technology, Suzanne Kennard – Membership, and Jami Bertini – Meeting Management. Our newest board members are Lauren Krasnow – Secretary, Matt Cross – Virtual Meeting Management, and Karen Needham and Brian Clate – Programs co-chairs. We still have an opening for Marketing Chair (with a strong committee already in place!) Please let me know if you have any interest or if you know someone who might.

At our recent board retreat we renewed our interest in the 4 key words that represent our chapter; Learn, Grow, Connect, and Contribute. Let me use these words to demonstrate how we hope you will benefit from your membership with ICF Connecticut in the coming year.

Learn. We offer at least 11 programs throughout the year – both in-person meetings and webinars. Mark your calendar for July 26 and August 23 at 8 am for the next two webinars. Additional opportunities come through the Coaching Circle – quarterly virtual meetings for members. Book clubs, forums through the website, and even a business development mastermind are all possible with just a few more volunteers.

Grow. There are so many opportunities! I joined ICF Connecticut in 2009. Little did I know that 10 years later I would be the chapter president and have travelled to both Vancouver and Dublin representing this great chapter! I’ve held 5 different roles on the board, met hundreds of coaches from around the world, and learned more than I could possibly have imagined. 

Connect. There is nothing like face-to-face meetings! Come join us in Shelton in September, January, March and May, and in Hartford in October and April. Additionally, we have Coach Café sites in Wilton, Stamford, Milford, and the Hartford area. Join our community of coaches.

Contribute. There are so many opportunities to make even small contributions to our chapter. Can you greet new guests at a meeting or help with the monthly newsletter? Can you help set up archived program videos or monitor an on-line forum? We need your talent!  

Who knows what is possible with just a few more volunteers?
“Many hands make light work.” Join us!

Monica Leggett

ICF Connecticut, President