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Committee Member Spotlight - Rachel Roth

Published on 8/5/2019

This week's featured coach is Rachel E. Roth, ACC, who is on the ICF-CT chapter Programs Committee.

Who am I?
Hi friends and fellow coaches! I’m Rachel E. Roth. I am Dutch by decent, Canadian by birth, and an American citizen. I live in Orange, CT but am originally from Toronto, Canada. That means I’m a Raptors fan by default!

I am a full-time working mother of three and about to embark on a MSc of Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology.

What do I do?

My career evolved in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds where my focus has been on marketing, communications, and business development for the past 18 years. Eight years ago, I began working to optimize sales processes for high-end brands through education-based marketing and values-driven business development. This led me to become the Director of Marketing & Sales for a plastic surgery practice part-time when I’m not coaching. 

I ventured into coaching as a matter of personal and professional development, after recognizing the power of coaching in supporting individuals and businesses through tough transitions. My biggest challenge -- and greatest satisfaction -- is to move people from floundering, to functioning, to flourishing so they can navigate adversity with grit and grace, as they move toward growth. I am also trained as a grief support specialist. 

What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about well-being for myself, my family, my colleagues and my community. I believe good food, good music, and good books can be catalysts for big ideas and great conversations. I regularly open my home to diverse groups of people and take joy in hearing their unique stories and finding the common experiences that bind us all.  

Gardening, cooking, reading, and exercise are a part of my daily routine. 

In my spare time, I facilitate Good Life Gatherings: experiences designed to foster personal growth and healthy communities, by exploring the art and science of well-being from a humanist perspective. 

You can learn more about me on my website

Or connect with me on LinkedIn: