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President's Message from Monica Leggett

Published on 8/8/2019

Hello Coaches & Friends,

Learn. Grow. Connect. Contribute. That’s our chapter’s mantra. Today I’ll focus on how you can contribute to ICF and how we contribute to you. Be sure to read to the end to learn about a new offer!

One of the things I love about ICF Connecticut is the many friendships I’ve made since I joined in 2009. I’m sure I would not have developed these connections if I hadn’t become a contributing member of the chapter; first, joining the meeting management committee and then, eventually, joining the board. Contributing brought the organization alive for me. Come do the same!

Our chapter thrives as a result of the combined efforts of many. We were recently recognized by ICF Global as one of only 13 high-performing chapters from around the world. Per ICF, this is a tribute to our “agility, adaptability, accountability, sustainability, caring, innovation and relevance.” 

Wow! Don’t you want to be a part of THAT team?!

Every contribution, no matter how modest, helps us roll out more opportunities. Did you know that there are communication forums and a membership directory on our website? Is your profile filled out? 

Speaking of contributing, there is an opening for Marketing Chair on the Board. We are also looking for members for all chapter committees: membership, meeting management, technology, programs, marketing, and International Coaching Week, 2020. (For more information, see the Committees tab on our website under “For Members.”) 

Contribution goes both ways. As an organization, we contribute by providing programs for personal and professional development as well as opportunities for connection and collaboration. Would you like to help with a conference or expo during International Coaching Week in May 2020? Are you a Certified Mentor Coach, ready to provide coaching to members in the credentialing process? We’d like to connect you to those in need. 

If you have any ideas of how we can do more, please reach out to me at

As a way of giving back, we will be offering our board chairs and committee members a discount on programming via a lower price on the MAF Upgrade. MAF stands for the Member Activity Fee and allows a pay-one-price for a year of in-person and virtual programs. (See the MAF Upgrade page for more information.)

We’ve had two great webinars this summer informing us how to build our business through marketing or by writing a book. Join us for our last summer webinar on August 23 at 8am and hear from our own member, Karen Kirchner, PCC, as she helps us coach emerging leaders and high potentials.

See you soon!        

Monica Leggett

ICF Connecticut, President