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President's Message from Judy Garfinkel

Judy Garfinkel | Published on 8/4/2020
Dear Coaches and friends, 

One thing we know for sure is that the world keeps changing and that we are all surfing the waves in our own way. Though none of us knows what the next version of the “new-normal” will really look like, these times call for our chapter to build on our successes, keeping our connections strong and rising to the challenges in front of us. For members of the ICF-CT  board, this started with our retreat where we consolidated our vision of a thriving chapter that continually evolves to deliver value to you.  
Our board members are committed to expanding and enriching the vital connections between our members. Throughout the coming year we will continue looking at what we do and asking, if we aren’t already doing this, could we begin now? How can we best deliver leadership and support to you? We will continue adapting, as we have already done in the short-term by making our Coach Cafés and monthly meeting virtual. We will be experimenting.  

Have you noticed that we’ve been posting polls at our meetings? Our intention is to gather information about what is most meaningful and useful to you in programming, communication, opportunities to volunteer and more. Your answers, your ideas, your energy, and active participation will help shape the year to come! 

Here's something else I know for sure -- each of ICF-CT’s 200+ members (you!) has the ingenuity and skill to support one another, your clients and the world beyond through our personal relationships and the transformative role of the professional coach. We are the heart of Connecticut Coaches. 

I am interested in how you’re doing and what you’re doing, so let’s talk! Email me at  

Mark your calendar with these dates so we can see each other soon! 
How will you join in?