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President's Message from Judy Garfinkel

Judy Garfinkel | Published on 9/8/2020
Hello Coaches!

As coaches, we have a role to play in improving our world and addressing long-standing racial inequities.

  • We work inside organizations coaching the people who influence policies and culture.
  • We work with individuals who educate children and influence families (whether personally and/or professionally).
  • We encounter our own human biases and those of our clients.

As a chapter, we align with Statement Condemning Racism and Systemic Inequality. ICF-CT stands against racism and against violence against BIPOC. We stand for the dignity of all human beings and their right to belong. 

We all have work to do as we stand up against racism. It’s a challenge and an opportunity to hone in on what matters most to us as individuals. Each of us gets to decide how we want to take action. Some of our members who work in the DEI and education spaces have provided a list of resources, which we share with you now -- you can find it on our homepage.
Our Board of Directors has been talking about how to offer impactful programs that make a difference. Hosting a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion speaker is one idea, and we want to hear more ideas and requests from you… In what ways can we support YOU in your anti-racism work and greater equity journey?
We welcome (and always appreciate!) YOUR ideas, input and conversation - just email me at
Finally, I hope to see you at our next chapter meeting on September 25th, with virtual networking and program speaker Denise Hedges presenting on "The Coach As Speaker: How to Create a Masterful Speaking Presence."   

Here is the link to register:

See you there!

I believe in you,