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Board Member Spotlight - Lori Candela

Stephanie Tishler | Published on 10/20/2020
Who am I?  
Hello fellow coaches!  My name is Lori Candela. I am the Programs Chair for ICF-CT. I live in the Historic District in Monroe, CT with my husband, two dogs, three cats, bearded dragon and turtle! We are new empty nesters, as our two adult children have flown the coop (but left behind their pets)!  

What do I do?  
I have spent my career in the field of Learning and Development working as a trainer, facilitator, instructional designer, consultant and coach. In 1990, I founded Training and Performance Solutions, LLC and have worked primarily with companies undergoing transformational change. Last year, I became a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute of Performance Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). As a result, I shifted my business focus from the technical side to the human side of change. I now work with leaders, teams and individuals to provide coaching and training that focuses on what we need to know and do to thrive during times of change.  

What am I passionate about?  
I am passionate about helping others to see possibilities and learn more about who they are and what they value. I love asking the right questions and seeing the “aha” moment when everything clicks! I am also passionate about relaxing at the beach, listening to a waterfall, reading a good book and spending time with my family.  

The scariest thing I have ever done is: After living in PA for 9 years, I made the decision to leave my job as Director of Training, move back to CT and start out as a solopreneur.

How I moved past the fear was: I got involved in professional organizations and built a new network, which helped me to land my first client.

What I learned is:. Even when you are fearful of the future, believe in yourself and all you have to offer. Get out there, connect with others and be authentic.  And keep in mind the wise words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

You can learn more about Lori at her website or connect with her on LinkedIn at