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President's Message from Judy Garfinkel

Judy Garfinkel | Published on 10/6/2020
Dear Coach Friends,

What did I get myself into?

At one of the first coach cafes I attended as a new chapter member, the chapter president at the time, Diana Ackerley, asked me which skill I would want most to learn. My answer, "how to run Zoom meetings," put a sparkle in her eye! She offered me the opportunity to learn just that - through virtual meeting management for our chapter. I said, "Yes."

During the 30-minute drive home I worried that my lack of both technological skills and an affinity for computers, in general, would be quite a big obstacle.  Yikes, what had I signed up for?

 Within a week I knew. I was contacted by fellow coaches who were all in to help me succeed; they were appreciative of my efforts, encouraging, patient (very patient), welcoming, forgiving, and available. Oh, and funny, playful, knowledgeable, and seriously kind. Board members and former board members came forward to welcome me and offer a supporting hand. 

Each of us brings something special to contribute to our chapter. Even if it’s ‘just’ the willingness to learn something new.
  • Do you love to create memes, connect people to each other, or plan events?
  • Are you curious about an aspect of coaching or developing your business that you can learn through working on behalf of the Chapter?
  • In what ways would serving the chapter give you energy, answer a curiosity, or amplify your experience in our community?
Your skills, expertise, traits, and talents are something to celebrate, acknowledge, and share with us to make our chapter more exciting and vital than it already is!

Bring it on! Contact me at and we’ll chat.

Though I had originally joined ICF-CT to meet fellow coaches when I offered to serve and learn I discovered so much more. (And, who knew just how handy some Zoom skills would become!)

Don’t forget our upcoming events:  

We have Virtual Coach Cafés on Oct.7th and 21st.

AND, an exciting event on Oct. 30th, when the former CEO of Duracell Mark Bertolami and ICF-CT member Paul Butler present, "It Starts at the Top! – The Ripple Effect: How Executive Leadership Coaching Builds a Coaching Culture"

Believing in you,