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President's Message from Judy Garfinkel

Judy Garfinkel | Published on 11/3/2020

Waiting to Exhale

Dear Fellow Coaches, 

Knowing that you’d be getting this message on Election Day stopped me in my tracks. What should I write as we face a turning point for our country, collectively holding our breath – uncertain about the outcome and wondering if that will ever really be certain? How would anything I share be meaningful at this point in time? 

Honestly, I struggled for days to find the words. Then I reminded myself that we are coaches who have the privilege to be part of truly awesome experiences through our chosen profession.  When clients have aha! moments, make progress and transform, we’re a part of it.  And we are blessed that those same tools we use to bring value to our clients can also help us personally. 

Here are some of the things that have recently helped me:

When we remember who we are as coaches, offering love and hope to clients and to each other with the tiniest and largest of gestures, we connect. 

When we lean into vulnerability so our communities can do what they do best- support and champion us to live our fullest - we belong.
When we find presence and gratitude where none initially seemed available, we expand and thrive. 

And, when we learn together, we bring knowledge back to those we coach.  (Our upcoming Nov 20th Chapter Meeting and Program, The Neuroscience of Coaching: How to Put Resilience into Action is a perfect example of this – it’s an opportunity to help us meet a pressing need.) 

To our vibrant and dynamic colleagues at ICF-CT, I am grateful for you. Please check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to share what you are grateful for this November. 

With Gratitude,

Don’t forget: 
Virtual Coach Cafés on Nov. 4th & Nov. 18th.