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Committee Member Spotlight - Gary Decker

Stephanie Tishler | Published on 4/20/2021

This month's spotlight is on Gary Decker, who is a member of the ICF-CT Marketing Committee.

Who am I?  
I am Gary K. Decker, President of Win Moves Coaching. Throughout my more than 35-year corporate career, I have coached and empowered business teams and leaders across a wide variety of business functions. When I developed a career coaching council as a leader in our IT organization about 15 years ago, I learned about iPEC and their practices, and decided to pursue my iPEC certification in 2017. Since then, my wife and I have moved to South Eastern CT, and I became a member of ICF-CT.
What do I do? 
In early 2020 I took my part-time coaching business full-time with Win Moves Coaching. I provide my coaching services in one-on-one, team, and peer group coaching settings, in four primary areas: leadership, success, agility, and purpose. In essence, I help leaders find the secret to their success! Currently, a large part of my focus is on helping diverse thinkers assess and rebuild their "Post 2020" leadership power.

What am I passionate about? 
Our families, friends and colleagues all deserve leaders that think and act diversely, and inspire them to develop and share all of their talents and contributions. I am passionate about helping leaders and team members thrive in full.

What kinds of "awakenings" have you witnessed in your coaching clients?
This past year has provided leaders the rare opportunity to develop and implement empathy. They have had a front row seat with Zoom into the homes of their team members and other leaders. They see the unique challenges of those around them in a new light, and have been forced to adapt to them. The best leaders are realizing that they are stronger and more efficient as a team and as an organization as they adapt themselves to these unique challenges and opportunities,.

You can learn more about Gary at his website: or on Linkedin or Facebook: