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Committee Member Spotlight - Lynda Mettler

Stephanie Tishler | Published on 9/14/2021
This month's spotlight is on Lynda Mettler, ACC, who is a member of the ICF-CT Marketing Committee.

Who am I?  
I'm a transformational coach, Reiki master, and owner of Channeling Your Wisdom Coaching. In my former life, I wore many hats in marketing and advertising, all of which felt like they were meant for someone else. On paper I was successful, but as I climbed to higher titles, my confidence waned. I spent three decades searching for a career that felt right for me, and when I discovered transformational coaching through the Graduate Institute, I knew this was it. I myself was transformed from a worrier / analyzer, to someone who lives in the moment and trusts in myself. I resigned and launched my coaching practice almost immediately, and have since guided dozens of clients through their own transformation.
What do I do? 
I guide clients on a soulful journey to discover their true selves, the naturally calm, confident, creative, courageous “Self” that exists within each of us and can become shrouded by self-doubt and fear. By combining the healing power of Internal Family Systems (IFS) – a non-pathologizing therapeutic method that’s been adapted to coaching – with meditation, reiki and life coaching strategies, clients discover the engines behind their limiting beliefs, and then heal at the source, forever shifting their inner-dialogue from criticism to compassion. Results vary by client, but can include everything from losing desired weight to healing wounds from abuse and trauma.

What am I pasasionate about? 
Awakening clients to their true nature so they can live openheartedly. 

What is one thing you’ve learned through coaching your clients?
I’ve learned that the human spirit is remarkably resilient, and that beneath even the toughest exterior there’s a uniquely beautiful soul waiting to be discovered.

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