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President's Message from Lori Candela

Lori Candela | Published on 6/13/2023
Dear Chapter Members, 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for the privilege of serving as your President. Over the past year, I have witnessed the incredible vibrancy and warmth of our chapter, thanks to the dedication and support of our members. Our membership has more than doubled since 2019 and the connection and community we share is remarkable.

As our chapter continues to thrive and evolve, our success lies in your commitment and contributions. Your enthusiasm, participation, and support have made my tenure as President truly memorable and rewarding. I am grateful for the trust you placed in me and for the opportunity to serve alongside such an amazing group of individuals.

Several of you have asked why the role of President only lasts for one year. I want to clarify that although the official term as President is one year, the commitment to the chapter extends beyond that timeframe. It is a three-year commitment that includes different roles and responsibilities.

During the first year, I had the privilege of serving as President-Elect. This position allowed me to work closely with our then President, Judy Garfinkel. Judy generously mentored me throughout the year, providing invaluable guidance and sharing her wealth of knowledge. We had regular meetings where she prepared me for the challenges and expectations I would face as I transitioned into the role of President.

Now, as my term as President comes to an end on June 30, I will continue my service on the board as Immediate Past President. In this capacity, I will have the opportunity to support and mentor our incoming President, Stephanie Tishler. I am committed to providing her with the same level of guidance, assistance, and support that I received from Judy as we move forward.

This three-year commitment ensures a smooth transition of leadership, fosters continuity, and allows for the sharing of wisdom and experience among past, present, and future Presidents. It strengthens the foundation of our chapter and contributes to our long-term success.

Once again, thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as your President. I am truly grateful for the opportunity, and I look forward to remaining an active member of our vibrant chapter. 

I wish you a wonderful summer. I hope that you are able to take time to recharge, spend quality time with loved ones, make beautiful memories and do the things that bring you joy! See you in September!

With gratitude and warm regards,